Upfull Rising’s OFFICIAL YouTube Channel Launches JUNE 1st

Upfull Rising has been hard at work in the studio prepping for the launch of our very own youtube channel.

We feel more than blessed to be able to call San Diego our home.  Each day we are flooded with inspiration from musicians, artists, teachers, cooks, coaches, athletes, and more.  We want to relay some of this knowledge to you because that’s what life is all about…Building each other up!

So here’s how it’s going to go down; We will be recording in the studio at Upfull Rising HQ, bringing you insightful interviews, fresh live music, and much much more.  The first episode will be available on our website June 1st.  Your only job is to subscribe, like, and share with your friends!!!

Our goal is to build OUR relationship with YOU…It’s that simple.  Blessings!!!

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE

-stay upfull

Upfull Rising is Preparing to Record Full Length Album

Upfull Rising is very excited to announce that we are preparing to record our first full length album.  We would like to THANK YOU all for the support that has helped push us this far.

Prepare for a lot of songs; We are proud to say we will be recording the entire album at Upfull Rising HQ!  And YES, there will be some new songs.

We are working with some familiar faces for album artwork but… we can’t show you yet!  All we can say is it is going to be some very inspiring artwork.  Visit us soon for an update.

If you are interested in helping us promote the cd, write/provide press, or anything else please feel free to send us an email at upfullrising@gmail.com

-stay upfull

Take A Break With Lilly Lopez

Upfull Rising recently had the opportunity to hop on board, one of San Diego’s hottest reggae radio shows, Take A Break With Lilly Lopez.  The show regularly hosts featured guests from SD’s flourishing reggae scene (and beyond).  We truly felt blessed to broadcast our first acoustic performance on Lilly’s show.

We shared some tunes, talked some talk, and munched out on some amazing vegan cuisine compliments of La Chupaflor.  To say the least, we had a blast on the INTERNATIONAL RADIO STAION!

If you missed it or would like to listen again, DON’T WORRY!  The full show is available via Lilly Lopez’s SoundCloud.  Check it out at the link below!

Stay Upfull!

We love the Observatory OC!!!

We want to give a huge “THANK YOU” to all of our friends and family over in Santa Ana at the Observatory OC. If you haven’t had a chance to check out a show at the Observatory, you are missing out on one of the finest music venues, that California has to offer. Upfull Rising has recently performed in OC with such acts as Don Carlos, Alborosie, Yellowman, and Pato Banton to a packed house of roots/rock/reggae fans.

Thanks to all of our fans who joined us out in OC, Thanks to the entire Observatory staff for treating us like royalty, and last but not least thanks to Brenden (Turtle) for linking us up with the great shows.

More Observatory shows TBA shortly…
(to find out more visit facebook/instagram/twitter @upfullrising)

~Stay Upfull


We are back…Vegas was Great!

Wow… our first Upfull show out of state was a great success; Las Vegas Nevada you are all AWESOME.  We want to thank Brian from Wing King/Adrenaline Bar for having us;  He and his team treated us like kings out there!  Keep doin what you doin WING KING (P.S. yes the wings were BOOOOOMB!)

It was great meeting and jamming with Natty Vibes, Tatanka, and Just Chill.  We always learn so much from the bands we jam with.  Natty Vibes was soo humble yet sooo talented, Tatanka has their dub game in full effect, and Just Chill jammed with style to spare (not to mention a huge tour bus!).

Also, a special thanks to our good buddy Andrew Deleon; He linked us up with the show and was getting down with some live art as usual (on the kitchen door!).  Check out his page on instagram @rooted760

Please, check out our upcoming shows for a performance near you.  We hope to see you all soon!

~Stay Upfull


UR Gaining Momentum

Have your checked out our new EP “In Time”?… How about our new music video “Love and Faith”?  All of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without all of the incredible fan support; Upfull Rising thanks each and every one of you!

We are very excited to announce that we will be spreading our wings and venturing out of SD more frequently than ever.  With upcoming shows in Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more we can’t wait to branch out and share our message with our far away brothers and sisters.  Stay tuned for very exciting show announcements!




We are teaming up with Brenden Davis of 3cornerstone management.  Great shows in the works RIGHT NOW so stay tuned and as always…

Stay Upfull!

Boar Cross’n Release Party ::March 7::



March 7 we will be releasing “In Time” our latest EP.  Upfull Rising is very excited to announce that The Black Bottom Lighters (Arizona) will be opening the night up with their high energy performance.  Live artists Andrew Deleon (Las Vegas) and local artist Al Scholl (Oceanside) will be participating in an “Upfull Collab” piece that is sure to amaze onlookers.  Upfull Rising has been hard at work for over half a year to put this night together; A night you surely don’t want to miss!

Stay Upfull!


Upfull Update

Soooo, Upfull Rising is finishing up at L.I.E. studio with Wiley Miranda and couldn’t be more excited to share.  UR is hard at work prepping for an explosive “re-entrance” into the show scene;  Some great shows are already lining up.  Prepare yourselves for some new Upfull tunes, art, and maybe even a few secret surprises!

Stay Upfull!




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